Folding Cartons

Does your product or material design depend upon the ability to use cartons for packaging? If so, then you need to take a look at the many types of folding cartons available here, which include any design or size you need. Some unique features of these types of cartons might include die cutting with blanking cartons or folding and gluing cartons. If you need foil stamping or UV coated cartons or perhaps windowing cartons or even tape application cartons, then you’ve come to the right place. Each type of carton is specifically designed for a special purpose in marketing a product, and with a staff of assistants to help you with your product development and design, you won’t go wrong here.
One simple call can put you in touch with a highly dedicated staff that will be more than happy to help with a folding carton design or product review. A proper folding carton design offers several advantages to the smart product owner because it’s one of the most
economical packaging solutions available for any product line. You can have your cake and eat it too, because you’ll provide a great way to both display and promote virtually any type of product while at the same time promote and generate sales through smart packaging. A custom-designed carton emblazoned with a product logo can securely hold and advertise almost any type of product or group of products. Not only will they provide multiple advantages in a variety of different industries such as food and vitamins or supplements, clothing, cosmetics, electronics, household or personal care, beauty and health and so much more.
There are four distinct benefits behind folding cartons which include rigidity, creative design, economic benefit and of course the green/recyclable factor.
  • For rigidity, there are several options to go with, from thicknesses of 16 to 28 points or more, depending on your product requirements. The use of attractive corrugated board with carefully designed sheets could be mounted to provide the extra support required for heavier products and for shipping.
  • The creative design element comes with a staff equipped with CAD workstations and plotters, all of which can lend toward a beautiful finished product.
  • The economic benefit and recycling effort comes with all folding cartons shipping out flat to save you shipping costs and providing paperboard that’s eco-friendly and recyclable.

Take a look at some of our other Folding Carton designs below. If you’re interested in seeing what we can do for you, call 214-808-7664 or fill out our contact form (click here).