Houston TX Custom Packaging & POS Displays

Houston Custom Packaging & POS Displays

Packaging Source Inc is comprised of staff of experts in the custom packaging industry and are here to help with finding the perfect custom package or POS display for your needs. We design packages and displays for your new product from the ground up, or we can revise an existing package to better suit your needs. We’re committed to providing your product/company with the package or display that conveys your brand image and SELLS!

The initial design and prototyping of the new packaging is free. Don’t worry, we can provide as many prototypes/samples as needed so your display or package is exactly what you want. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Contact us today at 214-808-7664 for a free quote.

Contact us today at 214-808-7664 for a free quote.

When designing your package or display we follow this process:

  • We consult with the customer to understand what they want the package/display to achieve.
  • Initial proof for your display/package design.
  • Approval of initial design.
  • Testing of product package or display.
  • Package or display design can be redesigned or revised.
  • Finished package or POS display is completely designed, approved and ready.

We also provide storage services for your packaging material. If you don’t have space for your custom packages, displays, labels etc, we will hold it in a warehouse and deliver it to you as you need it.

Contact us today at 214-808-7664 for more information on our custom packages and displays in the Houston, TX metro area. You can also fill out our contact form for a quick quote by clicking here.

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