Stretch Wrap – Frisco – Plano Texas

We offer a wide range of packaging film including bundling stretch film, shrink wrap, hand stretch film, extended core stretch film, and stretch wrap machines.

stretch-wrapPackaging Source, Inc is a resource for stretch and bundling films. Our Extreme packaging films are gauge equivalent stretch films that offer huge savings over standard stretch wrap and pallet wrap.
Hand stretch wrap is used to hold items together in packaging and palleting applications. Stretch films are designed to cling tightly to objects and provide a secure overwrap to protect them from shifting during transport. Stretch films can also be used to wrap pallets by machine or hand. Our machine and hand films consist of many sizes such as 12 inch, 15 inch, and 18 inch.
We also have stretch films and bundling films as cast or blown stretch films. Our manufactured packaging films are a revolutionary new stretch film that will dramatically improve your packaging cost. So if you need a simple solution such as hand stretch wrap or a larger scale solution for pallet wrapping Packaging Source Inc. has a solution for you.