San Antonio Custom Packaging, POP Displays & Boxes

Millions of POP display solutions have been designed and delivered by Packaging Source Inc. Those designs include:

  • Ad Promotions
  • Floor Displays
  • Event Graphics
  • Point of Sale Packaging
  • High Impact Micro-Electronic Displays Featuring Sight and Sound
  • Consumer Packaging
  • “Big Box” Club Store Display packs
  • Specialty Designs for Merchandise and Business to Business Pallet Displays
  • Custom Graphic Packaging
  • Complete Project Management

Your every custom graphic packaging needs are supported by Packaging Source Inc’s comprehensive services:

Litho Label, Laminating and Mounting
Extra Large Four-Plus Color Flexo Press
Marketing/Media Kits
Specialty Gluing and Auto Lock Cartons
Structural Design Services
Retail Shelf Packaging
Mock Ups
FTP site available
High-Resolution Graphics
Quality Coating Systems-High Gloss Color
Direct Print on Corrugated
Complete Fulfillment Services
Precision In-Line and Off-Line Rotary Die Cutting
Equipped to Handle both Small and High-Volume Projects in our 175,000 Square Foot Production Facility
To learn more about just how Packaging Source Inc can support all your San Antonio Custom Packaging, and all your Display & Graphic Packaging requirements, please call us today!

A truly great means of additional merchandising are Point of Purchase displays. With a custom designed point of purchase display, you will be taking advantage of what might be your last chance to convert a browser into a buyer. Point of purchase displays, at or near checkout, are a time-tested and proven means of selling additional products via impulse purchasing. You will be supporting new product releases, bolstering your brand recognition, and lending “in-store” support to specific advertising campaigns by your custom Point of Purchase displays.

Pont of Purchase Counter Top Display
This can be the best chance to get the sale, and probably the last. These Counter Top Displays are fashioned to get in the smallest possible space the very most product that is possible. And we will happily help you to make the best possible design for your counter top display that will, at a price which is an affordable one, generate the very “most bang”. These displays are typically made from corrugated or chipboard base material. These simple materials used to fashion the Counter Top Point of Purchase Displays, are creatively made up by our experienced staff in a creative and attractive way that will make the sale! When you contact us at 214-808-7664, we will ask the questions needed to be answered that will assist us in getting this job done well the very first time for you.

Floor Displays

We have you completely covered for the entire cycle of this product, typically among the largest physical displays that we produce. For starters, there is marketability, which is guaranteed to you by our design, production, and delivery, all relying on our many years of successful custom display designs. Next, you can be sure, based on our vast experience, to receive a retail friendly display piece which is very simple to set up. And finally, the entire display will be contained in the external “shipper” package that we provide to you. Everything is in your package, and in just a short period of time, you will be up and running and ready to deal in the competitive market place existing today!

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