Grocery Displays Targeting Male Shoppers

Research has recently shown that more men are doing the grocery shopping, according to The Wall Street Journal. In an attempt to boost sales, food companies such as General Mills and Kraft are reevaluating their packaging. Yogurts, coffees, packaged foods and other products will feature darker colors and catchy words that aim to target male shoppers. This shift in visual packaging may call for a reconfiguration of food merchandising for grocers who are also willing to delve into this experiment.

Darken the look
The first cue to take from food companies is to adopt darker colors. Look into fixtures that have a more “manly” feel and figure out a good place for them. The Mobile 5-Tier Z-Fixture Merchandiser is a great item that’s smaller and easy to move. Consider highlighting the arrival of the new packaging by filling the vessel with them. Additionally, take a look at some Expressly HUBERT® Synthetic Chalkboard Sign Panels, which will help set the darker, more masculine atmosphere.

Spread the items
It may be tempting to bring as much attention to the new products as possible by placing them all together. However, this may likely lead consumers to explore the section and not take the time to walk through the rest of the store. By having a small fixture that highlights the new items, customers are aware of the change and are encouraged to search for them. The downside to the highlight fixture may be how accessible it is. Be prepared to stock the display regularly as customers come through.

Revisit your merchandising
The Wall Street Journal also stated that it won’t just be the look of the packaging that changes, it will also be the size. This results in a reevaluation of merchandising, especially feature displays where size and color have already been configured. If you can determine when the shipment is set to arrive, you may want to set aside a few hours on the day the shipment comes in and incorporate the new items into your feature. Bring as much attention to these products as possible so that consumers are well aware of their presence and will gain interest in them.

This change in packaging is sure to garner plenty of attention from consumers. It also provides more product for grocers and their staff to work with. The introduction of these items can be a fun change for retailers and shoppers alike.

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