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Packaging Source Inc flexible packaging

Packaging Source Inc flexible packaging

Packaging Source Inc’s flexible packaging film is highly trusted by leading CPG’s, mid-size manufacturers, and contract packagers because of it’s reliable and consistent performance, it’s timely arrival, and the fact that the industry’s best technical support and customer service support it.

It can truly be a challenge, selecting for your products the correct type of packaging film. A standard “menu” of flexible packaging materials is offered by many flexible packaging manufacturers. This is never the case at Packaging Souce Inc. For your specific product requirements, you will receive designed film laminations.

Personal Packaging Solutions for Flexible Film


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With personalized technical support that is one-on-one, we offer top flexible packaging expertise. For all of our customers, small and large, our responsive packaging and process engineers are always readily accessible. In addition, our customers get to enjoy many other complimentary services like product/package compatibility testing.

For each of your products ideal packaging structure, our packaging and process engineers will work carefully with you based on the product’s specific:

distribution processes
unique ingredients
form/fill/seal equipment and processes
projected life cycle

In your products, various ingredients might with packaging materials interact and this might affect the integrity and quality of your products.

Packaging Source Inc also excels with high barrier film.

Packaging Source Inc also excels with high barrier film.

An industry reputation has been earned by PSI for exceptional expertise in manufacturing “hard-to-hold” packaging films for products. Included in those are products that need packaging for chemical resistant and/or exceptional gas barrier properties.

We will first take your product and analyze it, and we will then determine the very best flexible packaging materials by using our ingredient database. Then, in our on-site package engineering lab, we will test for compatibility with your products, engineered flexible packaging films, and then provide a complete report of the results to you. We truly welcome your packaging challenge as we pride ourselves in flexible packaging for some of the most difficult products to package.

Packaging Source Inc flexible packaging has, over the years, become the choice of so many gourmet food, beverage, snack and also non-food manufacturers when the matter of custom packaging comes up. We specialize in custom design printing and custom film lamination at PSI.

Protection for your packaging design is provided by our reverse-print method. Between the laminated materials, the ink is protected, so after production it will not smear or scratch. This helps ensure a beautiful and vibrant finished package. Food products are also protected from coming into contact with any substance or ink, which are trapped within layers of material. We can print up to 8 colors, both spot and process colors, on our state-of-the-art printing presses. Great flexibility in package design is allowed by these multi-color machines. And as far as finishes go, both matte and combo(glossy and matte) finishes are available to you.

Customers are given tons of input in the design of their package. We are committed to your complete satisfaction, and we provide graphic designer templates, die lines, and whatever assistance they require!

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