What You Should Know About Die Cut & Custom Packaging Boxes

Many companies use Custom Packaging and Die Cut Boxes when they need to ship their products to different locations. These boxes are durable and strong, and they can be customized, which means that you can use the boxes to ship any type of product.

Die Cut and Custom Packaging Boxes
Most people use Die Cut boxes for sending mail and parcel. Cutting die is used for the boxes, and they are typically used to ship out products such as shoes, clothes and electronics. They can be cut and manufactured according to the weight, size and dimension of the product that needs to be shipped.

These boxes are also excellent to use when you want to promote a product. Also, they serve as a protective shield, and they can be folded up and reused. Many people use these boxes to ship fragile items, electronic goods and crockery, and that is because they consider the boxes to be made with the best type of packaging material.

Printed Die Cut Boxes look very appealing, and they can convey a business’s message to the public. For example, the boxes can contain info and features of a specific product that the business is mailing.

A printed custom box from Packaging Source Inc. Call 214-808-7664 for more info.

It is also worth noting that the boxes can lure potential customers when they are being used for promotional purposes. They can keep the packaging intact, while at the same time being very easy to open and close.

Custom Packaging Boxes
Custom packaging boxes are very useful for storing and packaging. The boxes can be made in a way to meet clients’ specific requirements.

Types Of Packaging Boxes
Regular Slotted: These are the most common types of custom packaging boxes, and all of the flaps are the same length. They are often used to ship small items, such as show pieces and coffee mugs.

Half Slotted: Half slotted boxes are somewhat similar to regular slotted boxes, but they only have one set of flaps. This allows a product to simply slide right into the box. They are often used to ship large and heavy items such as computers, washing machines or fridges.

Overlapping Lids: These boxes have flaps that overlap each other, and this creates a very strong bond. They are both the same length and breadth.

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