Why Your Company / Product Needs Custom Packaging

Is your business shipping products to your clients? How unique is your packaging? If you don’t have a package that stands out, then you may be losing business.

Why Great Marketing Requires Unique Custom Packaging

Competition is fierce in the shipping industry. Most have common brown or white boxes that can get lost in the crowd. However those brand names that have flashy boxes that stand out, get noticed and are easy to pick out from the crowd. Zappos, Chegg and Amazon have boxes and brands that get noticed.

Your clients may never get the chance to stand out in a UPS building. Yet they will have many opportunities for average people to notice your packages.

* Sitting outside a dorm, house or an apartment.
* Sitting at someone’s office desk, coffee table or in someone’s kitchen.
* They can see your package on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or they just got their package or one of their pets are playing around in the box.
* In a post office or UPS store.
* There are still other ways that customers will see your package and you want it to catch their eye, to stand out so they will remember it.

Packaging is a great marketing strategy that you can do to bring more customers to your business. It puts your brand and your website link in view of repeat customers.

Examples of Marketing Business and Unique Packaging

Noelas made a creative photo (which was viewed more than 4,000 times on Flikr) that shows a robot being built out of Amazon’s packaging. It shows how Amazon puts their country-specific link on their boxes with an arrow that directs your attention to it.

Alpha Chen portrays people who love to take photos of their animals in boxes. This is eye catching and catches the pulse beat of their customers by their love of their pets. Zappos showcases their link to their website on the boxes along with their motto.

Chegg’s shipping box is orange that draws attention to it. Their box is branded, showing off their bright colors. Once you see that it’s hard to forget it. Impressions are hard to forget.

Don’t know what McPhee is? If you see their box and catchy logo, you’ll remember it for a long time. the logo is “Freaking out the squares since 1983”. Besides being their caption, it tell the customer that it’s an established brand, all in one sentence.

Great packaging works for online marketing. On their Facebook page, Naturebox has a beautiful cover. It gets people hungry for their product. Also it shows how easy their customers can get their package.

Barkbox is another creative use of packaging and photography in action. They show their customers having fun with their products and packaging. With a name such as BarkBox, you don’t even need to add a .com.

You can use many products that advertise your package, so people notice it and remember it long after they see it. There are custom stickers and stamps that you can use. Think up a snappy name and photo. Be different and stand out from all your competitors as you attract people to your business today!

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