Get More Sales With Printed Presentation Boxes

Get More Sales Through Printed Presentation

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Local businesses and small merchants within Texas often have questions about how to draw the attention of potential customers in order to sell their wares. With sales shifting heavily to the digital marketplace during the COVID-19 pandemic, many vendors have lost touch with creating customer conversion through physical sales. 


An answer to their issue is through visual engagement. Much like retail, the key to engaging with consumers is a consistent message and representation of your products throughout the purchasing process. How your products look, what your products do, and how your customers relate to the product are all factors in the sales conversion process. 


If you have ever bought items in a retail setting, you’ve seen products presented in different forms. The package that the product comes in, a display holding countertop products, and even buildable die-cut floor displays. Drawing the eye of a potential customer in the real world means winning a competition of multiple factors and products that can impede successful sales. 


Table of Contents:


  • What are Custom Printed Boxes?
  • Effectiveness of Custom Packaging
  • Different Types of Printing Boxes
  • How to Order Printed Boxes
  • Frequently Asked Questions



What are Custom Printed Boxes?


Custom printed boxes are self-contained units that function as both packaging for the particular product, as well as a visual representation of the brand and its identity. Imagine the counter of a convenience store; everything from candies and snacks to cigarette lighters and other smoking adjacent items have their own spaces marked by the branded packaging that holds that product. 


Custom printed boxes are designed to attract the eye of the consumer through a multitude of different parameters. These include target demographics, location, and size of the product and packaging, as well as a likeness to adjacent products. 


Attracting the eye of a potential customer while representing brand presence through custom box design is also useful for showcasing local business affiliations. For instance, local businesses in the Dallas – Fort Worth area can emblazon custom boxes with logos and addresses in the form of printed boxes for wholesale shipping and custom mailers.


As an example, look to businesses like Amazon and Hello Fresh. Their product boxes serve as a display of their brand identity through logo and association while showcasing websites, locations, and social media presence. The branding is consistent throughout and the packaging is optimized for instant identification. 


Effectiveness of Custom Packaging


There are 5 stages in the customer adoption process: awareness, interest, evaluation, trial, and adoption. Custom retail packaging and POP displays can help to cover the awareness and interest steps, while the product itself is presented immediately to be evaluated, trialed, and decided upon. 


Drawing attention to your products


  • Customers are more likely to purchase items that engage with them visually.
  • Effective placement of Point of Purchase displays draw in up to 13% of in-store eye fixations.
  • Instant call to action with option of in-person experience and purchase.


Different Types of Printed Packaging


Printed boxes and packaging are a mainstay option for small business shipping, but they aren’t the only way that custom box design can be utilized. Presentation boxes and point-of-purchase displays are easy and cost effective methods to accentuate products in the retail market. Shipping needs can be achieved through retail packaging, custom mailer boxes for subscription services, and more:



How to order Printed Boxes


Ordering printed boxes for local businesses based in Dallas and Fort Worth is easy. There are many custom printed box merchants based in the DFW area who can meet your needs for retail packaging and displays. 


  1. Design your logo and brand assets along a consistent presentation and message
  2. Determine what size box, materials, and what quantities will fill your needs
  3. Apply graphics to fit to the packaging dimensions
  4. Order a sample to ensure that you are going to be happy with the final product before mass production
  5. Place your order


Final Recap


By utilizing custom printed packaging local businesses are granted unique benefits. Customer conversions that are heavily favored by retailers have become available to companies who ship products. 


The power of custom printed box design and point-of-purchase displays can help to tap greater potential in customer engagement and brand recognition. Utilizing these methods, businesses can incorporate their existing products and promotions to reach new levels of conversion.


Frequently Asked Questions


How to design a box?

Determining the design, colors, and dimensions of branding elements that your printed materials will display is key to creating a consistent image in your packaging. Online retailers as well as local custom print shops that serve the state of Texas help to make the process as smooth as possible.  


How can I make custom shipping boxes?

  1. Find a local custom packaging provider
  2. Design your logo and brand assets along a consistent line of presentation and message
  3. Determine what size box, materials, and what quantities will fill your needs
  4. Apply graphics to fit to the packaging dimensions
  5. Order a sample to ensure that you are going to be happy with the final product before mass production
  6. Place your order


How much do custom boxes cost?

Custom boxes are relatively inexpensive to produce, costing anywhere from $0.50 to $2.00 USD per box. The cost factor is dependent on the size and quantities of boxes, as well as the amount of ink needed to print the desired images. 


How to start a subscription box?

Subscription boxes should be uniform in brand presentation on the outside, while presenting new products and promotions within. These assets can be provided though promotional slips included within the packaging or printed on the inside of the box. 


Should I purchase online or find custom printed boxes near me? 

For first time buyers, local printing shops offer the opportunity to get hands on experience working within the design process. 

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