Why Texas Businesses Need POP Displays

Why Texas Businesses Need Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays


Many small businesses and marketing professionals are constantly thinking of strategic ways to attract their target customer and stand out among competing products. Each day it seems as if a new product is hitting the shelfs, making the pool of competition bigger. Constantly those dealing with this problem ask, “how can I create a memorable interaction between my product and my customer?”

An enticing way to make your product stand out and create an interactive experience with potential customer is a Point-of-Purchase (POP) Display. These designer retail solutions can help you stand out among your competition, but also allow your customer to engage with your product.

This article will go over the POP display by looking at what it is, the effectiveness, different types of packaging products, how to order POP displays, and finally some frequently asked questions.


Table of Contents:

∙      What Is A Point-of-Purchase (POP) Display?

∙      Point-of-Purchase Displays Effectiveness

∙      Different Types of Packaging Products

∙      How to order POP Displays

∙      Frequently Asked Questions




What Is A Point-of-Purchase (POP) Display?

Also known as point-of-sale displays or retail display, this marketing tactic places printed displays near relevant items and where customers make purchasing decisions. They stand out to draw in the attention of the customer, promoting the good and generating sales.

 These displays often appear at the front of the store or in the middle of the aisle, however they can also be near checkout for impulse buy items. Clothing brands also use them throughout stores to promote specific items.

The primary goal is the create a memorable interaction, rather than having the product down in the sea of other items being sold, they can appear in a physical display that puts them a step ahead of competitors.


Point-of-Purchase Displays Effectiveness


Now, you may be thinking, “how can I trust that these big displays will attract more customers and generate revenue?” Well look at the numbers:

By having these two important factors of in-store purchases and attracting attention, we can convince our consumer to buy our product. The large displays gain exposure and facilitate purchases because most purchase decisions happen in store. Our consumer sees the product and display and the seed of consumer interest is planted.


Different Types of Packaging Products

Point-of-Purchase displays cause a big splash in a world where standing out is important. Small businesses are in a game of survival of the fittest, by using these marketing tactics you are staying a step ahead of competitors. To attract the customer, brands have to “pop out” and POP displays do just that.

Now, POP displays are a highly effective choice to help bring emphasis to particular products, however there are also other printed retail products that can help facilitate consumer purchase. Some of these useful and effective tactics include:

∙      Protective Packaging

∙      Retail Packaging

∙      Packaging Labels

∙      Custom box Designs

∙      Printed Boxes

∙      Presentation Boxes

∙      Mailer Boxes

∙      Folding Cartons


How to order POP Displays

Ready to draw in your customer in an effective and exiting way? The process is simple. To order your brands Point-of-Purchase display, contact us at info@packagingsourceinc.com or call us at (214)-808-7664. Businesses in the Dallas area can also visit us in store at 2601 Network Boulevard, Suite 440, Frisco, TX 75034.

After that just tell us what you’re looking for and we can help design and develop a custom display that will attract your customer and help you compete against competitors.



Point-of-Purchase displays are an exciting way to attract your target audience. The standout and have proven effective in the eyes of consumers. By utilizing this marketing tactic, your product is not drowning the sea of goods that fill stores.

By contact Packaging Source Inc., we can help you design the perfect display for your product.




Frequently Asked Questions About Point-of-Purchase Displays


What does point of purchase mean?

Point-of-purchase is referring to putting marketing in the place where customers are doing their physical retail shopping. The goal is to offer something unexpected to capture a customer’s attention to drive sales of a particular product.

Why is point-of-purchase important?

POP displays are important because in order to generate sales, many products rely on attracting their customer. By having an effective point-of-purchase display for your product, your products can stand out from the standard shelf displays.


What does POS mean in marketing?

POS means point-of-sale. This is when customers purchase the product, typically at a cash register, however it can also refer to any display that happens in the physical store space.

What are the 4 basic types of displays?

The four basic types of displays are the ones that feature one item, similar products, related products, or a cross mix of items.


Should I purchase online or find a packaging printer near me?

Whatever works best for you! You can contact us via email or phone. We also have a store located in DFW, North Texas, for in-person consultation. In person or online, we can provide the best service possible. Our goal is to make the customer happy, and we work hard to follow through with your design ideas.



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